Heysel is the main focus of a strategic urban development in Brussels called the Neo project, which plans to rejuvenate and revitalize the whole area and building hotels, a stadium, shopping and conference centres, exhibition venues. At the heart of this exciting development, BSV already has three must-go-to venues for that all-important conference, congress, social event or exhibition, or any kind function you may have in mind.

These three venues have a unique flexibility of purpose and offer every kind of possibility and combination to ensure the success of your event:

  • Brussels Expo is Brussels’ largest state-of-the-art venue. With its huge surface area, its  exhibition halls, auditoriums and conference rooms, the locale caters to every type of event – congresses, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, shows and sporting events.
  • Mini Europe at the foot of Atomium is a theme park populated by miniatures of Europe’s most famous historic buildings. It is a unique locale with 100% exclusivity and would add a cosmopolitan dimension to your event. There is a choice of three rooms with additional marquees if required. Easy access and good parking facilities as well as a stunning park setting makes this one of the most desirable event venues in Brussels.
  • Atomium was created in 1958 for the World’s Fair in Brussels and symbolizes peace and social and technological progress. It has become one of Brussels’ most famous landmarks and is as iconic as the Eiffel tower. Hosting your event in one of these marvellous stainless steel spheres, which measure 18 metres in diameter and offer staggering views across Brussels, will provide a futuristic setting for your function and place your guests or participants somewhere between heaven and earth.
  • Brussels Expo, Mini Europe and Atomium, are located within walking distance of each other. They offer excellent facilities, are easily accessible, and provide unrivalled parking availability. They are just a short distance from the large hotel zone at Brussels airport – an asset that adds to their attraction.

There is more to come:
The development is not only geared to accommodate commerce, business, and new hotels, but will also include housing, entertainment spaces, restaurants, a huge concert hall and cultural and leisure activities.

“The Heyzel site is one of the most noteworthy locations in the Brussels metropolitan area. It is both an urban entity and a functional complex. It plays an important social, cultural and economic role for the whole of Belgium and well beyond our borders. After the city centre, the Heyzel is the main draw of the conurbation, owing to the presence of key operations such as Brussels Expo, the Stadium, the Atomium, Mini Europe and other attractions.” (Source Neo Brussels).

There will be more on this blog soon about other event venues, as well as further news on urban development and city regeneration projects including (but not limited to) Tour and Taxis, The Midi district and the Canal area.