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All meeting planners are concerned with urban mobility: Fortunately, Brussels has an excellent transport infrastructure and organizers can offer their delegates a variety of options for moving easily, rapidly and in a sustainable way around the city and to their event’s destination.

Urban accessibility is key to Brussels’ business life: Intelligent transportation systems have been set up with an emphasis on cycling, walking, public transport and ‘clean’ cars. But which of these will work best for your guests attending your next event in Brussels?

(Pic © www.visitbrussels.be – E. Danhier)


Metro, trams, and buses are the most efficient transport solution for getting around the city and Brussels Special Venues speedily and cheaply. Our city prioritizes urban sustainability, and it prides itself on its reputation for caring, ecological viability, and customized, cost-effective transport. So, why not offer the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company (STIB) transportation passes to your delegates?

Cycling is another option in the philosophy of sustainable transport. It offers another convenient way of getting through Brussels and your delegates may well prefer this alternative:Brussels is rapidly adjusting itself to accommodate bicycle traffic. More and more people—be they smartly dressed businessmen and businesswomen, or students or pensioners —have adopted this form of city transport. The city’s Villo! network is an ever-growing bicycle hiring service, with stands throughout the city.


Today,we would like to help you with these choices, so that when you start planning your event round your chosen venue, you will not have to worry about accessibility. Below, you will find all our members’ venues and you will be pleased to learn that all are ideally located and easily accessible within a VERY short walking distance from a metro, tram, train or bus station:

Bus at 150m, railway station at 850m

Tram and bus at less than 100m, metro at 1000m

AREA 42  

Tram and bus at 120m, railway station at 600m, metro at 800m

Tram at 450m, railway station at 600m, metro and bus at 700m

Metro at 30m, bus at 400m, tram and railway station at 550m


Bus at 160m, tram and metro at 1000m, railway station at 1200m

Bus at 30m, railway station at 300m, metro at 450m


Bus at 100m, tram at 150 m, metro and railway station at 550m

Bus at 20m, tram at 100m, metro and railway station at 300m

Bus at 200m tram at 500m, metro at 600m, railway station at 1000m

Bus at 60m, tram and railway station at 1100m

Bus at 190m, tram and metro at 250m, railway station at 450m

Tram and bus at 600m, railway station at 1200m

Bus at 10m, metro at 400m, railway station at 500m

Tram and bus at 100m, railway station at 1000m

Tram and bus at 160m, metro at 500m

Bus and railway station at 500m, tram at 600m

Tram and bus at 20m

Bus at 50m, Tram and metro at 300m, railway station at 1200m

Tram and bus at 170m, metro at 1000m

Tram at 50m, bus at 400m, metro at 650m and railway station 900m

Bus at 50m, tram and metro at 1000m

Bus at 210m, tram at 350m, railway station and metro at 500m

Tram and bus at 250m

Bus at 160m, railway station at 400m, metro at 950m

Boat | Flexible boarding place on the Brussels Canal

Bus at 230m, metro and railway station at 400m, tram at 450m

Bus at 30m, tram at 500m, metro and railway station at 600m

Bus at 10m, Tram and metro at 400m, railway station at 900m

Bus 200m, tram, metro and railway station at 450m

Tram and bus at 450m

Bus at 5m, tram at 500m, railway station at 850m

If you’re looking for a printable version of all venues with distances, stations and stops names, you can also click here.


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